The incident has left 13 dead and dozens of others injured. Source link

Teen Wolf Uncovered: What Will Happen Now That Liam’s Been Exposed As A Supernatural?

Now that Liam's been exposed, what's next for the 'Teen Wolf' beta? Source link

John Mayer Admits His New Song Is About Missing Katy Perry

John Mayer tells The New York Times that his new song "Still Feel Like Your Man" is about his ex Katy Perry. Source link...

Ariana Grande officially named honorary Manchester citizen

Ariana Grande's actions helping the victims of the attacks on her concert in Manchester, England has earned her praise from local politicians. Source link...

How He Starts His Day

Golf is changing. Once exclusively for old white men in crap trousers, the game has undergone a significant overhaul in the last decade...

Rita Ora’s ‘Slide’ Cover Is More For The Hot Tub Than The Pool

Rita Ora stripped Calvin Harris' sizzling summer single 'Slide' down to its most basic elements and lost none of the soul. Source link

Prince honoured with his own Pantone colour

The name of the new hue is also a nod to the symbol he adopted as his stage name back in 1993. Source link...

Ranking The Young Men Of Dunkirk, From Harry Styles To Everyone Else

A ranking of the young, indistinguishable cast of "Dunkirk," from Harry Styles to everyone else. Source link

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