Beyoncé and Blue Ivy gave some pretty pastel looks a test drive before Easter when they hit up an Alvin Ailey performance. Source link

Waka Flocka Dodges Gun Charges, Thanks to Tammy Rivera

This was a close one. Source link

Watch Hugh Jackman Go Full Wolverine in Behind-the-Scenes ‘Logan’ Footage

Surrounding all of the Logan hoopla, actor Hugh Jackman has today unleashed a highly entertaining clip which showcases him channeling Wolverine. The audio-recording...

A Young Beyoncé Fan Battling Cancer Finally Met Her ‘Idol’

Beyoncé surprised Ebony Banks, a Houston-area teen battling stage four cancer, with a personal FaceTime call. Source link

Police Violence Didn’t Just Stop Happening

We’d seen Michael Brown on the last day of his life before. It’s been three years since Americans became familiar with the surveillance...

7 Major Differences Between The New Power Rangers Movie And The Mighty Morphin TV...

Here are all the changes the new 'Power Rangers' movie made to the TV show's 'Mighty Morphin' mythology. Source link

Ben Affleck Reveals He Completed Treatment For Alcohol Addiction

Ben Affleck reveals in a Facebook post that he recently went to rehab for alcohol addiction. Source link

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