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The actor reportedly became annoyed after he was asked about the high-profile romance in another interview with The Telegraph. Source link

Ariana Grande's mother sends her love to Manchester bombing victims

Joan Grande is standing united "in the face of evil" with her singer daughter. Source link

Niall Horan tells Katy Perry to stop being mean

The Roar singer is convinced the One Direction star has a crush on her. Source link

Mindy Kaling Finally Addresses Her Pregnancy For The First Time

Mindy Kaling is reportedly pregnant and expecting her first child. In a new interview, she opened up about what motherhood means to her. Source...

Are We One Step Closer to an OutKast Biopic?

Big Boi has got us hopeful. Source link

What the Squad at Tokyo Retailer WISM Is Rocking Right Now

Tokyo concept store WISM opened its first outpost in Shibuya in 2012. The name WISM comes from the crew’s concept of World’s Interesting Souvenir...

Plies Is Back With Another Rant, This Time for the Ladies

Pastor Plies has rebuked this in the name of the come up. Source link

Selena Gomez And The Weeknd Are All About That Social Media PDA

Selena Gomez planted a smooch on The Weeknd in a selfie the 'Starboy' posted. Source link
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